Gemeinsam mit der Stiftung Frauen in Europa förderte die TuWas – Stiftung für Gemeinsinn in 2019 die „Filmmor Women’s Cooperative“

Filmfestival Türkei – International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on Wheels

Foto: Filmmor

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Filmmor Women’s Cooperative aims to increase the involvement of women in cinema and media, to enhance their communication and production areas, opportunities and empower for them to express themselves in these fields, to spread women’s non-sexist representations and experiences.

International Filmmor Women’s Festival on Wheels has been held annually since 2003 for bringing filmmaker women together to share their creative output and experiences. The festival aims to create an egalitarian platform to increase women’s visibility and participation in cinema; draw attention to problems of representation and inequality and to promote gender equality in cinema. Starting in İstanbul, Festival on Wheels travels 5 to 7 cities with the contribution and solidarity of women’s organizations in host cities; organizes meetings, workshops, and activities that enable women to gain experience in cinema and make films.

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