Gemeinsam mit der Stiftung Frauen in Europa förderte die TuWas – Stiftung für Gemeinsinn in 2019 „Green Council“

Bedeutung des Unternehmertums von Frauen

Foto: Quelle: Green Council

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Women entrepreneurship plays a significant role in the development of national economies and growth. Nevertheless, although they represent half of the population, women are still not equally present in the higher management level, neither in the BiH, nor globally.

Although many initiatives in the area of women entrepreneurship have affected the BiH region, there is still a lack of consistency and a good combination and correlation of bottom-up and top down-initiatives. In addition, lack of strong national policies related to the strategies in women entrepreneurship creates a improper representation of the woman in busisness and inability to be a part of the decission making system . . .

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